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What typically happens in a Social Security Disability Claim process?

Please Note: This site is operated by a private law firm.  It is not associated with the Social Security Administration.  This site is not endorsed or sponsored by the Social Security Administration.

Stage 1

Typically you are denied your Disability Claim in the initial stage (good reason why it is wise to have an experienced disability attorney). Only about 40% of the claims are approved at that stage sometimes less.

Stage 2

The next stage, Disability Reconsideration, about 20% of the individuals win at that stage.

Stage 3

The last stage, the Hearing stage is where the individual actually has a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. The social security disability or ssi disability hearing is informal with only the judge, his secretary and often times the judge will have a vocational expert present to testify as to what jobs the individual can perform.

Again it is a good idea to have experienced help in order to win at this stage of your social security disability and or SSI claim.

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